As the BAIR sleeps it dreams, and as those dreams churn they awaken storytellers buried deep within the dreamscape of the BAIR’s brains. When the eternal beings enclosed in the brains awaken the dreamscape floods with messages deciphering and encapsulating everything from our pasts and all that is our futures. The BAIR has been born to show all of us an alternate perspective, a second glance at the lives we all lead. Some will ignore the BAIR, others will admire, and even still some may never encounter it’s message, but the BAIR cares not who notices, it only cares to share the translation of its discoveries. For when the BAIR leaves another will take it’s place, just as many others currently stand adjacent to it, sharing their equally important outlooks on the infinite constant of living. The BAIR exits it’s slumber when it feels the need to give and extrudes the messages from the brain dwelling storytellers via the five senses we all share. It then sleeps again to find more existential truths and nonsensical jargon only its uniquely tuned mental gears can grind into reality.

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