The moniker “BairBrains” is an ode to a childhood nickname, but more importantly is a double entendre commenting on what my creativity means to me. To bear one’s brain is the life long purpose of a creative, and taking pride in your influences, especially those seen as bare or vapid in the eyes of the greater art world is what keeps my passion fiery.


The question I ask myself everyday: How can one person set themselves apart from the oversaturated creative flood of today’s global community?


Individualized visual voice.


Drawing inspiration from lowbrow outlets, and severing the lines drawn by traditional illustrative education, my work is set in style with a strong focus in technique. Raw energy and reactive instinct drives my creative process. I’ve found that the best way for my work to thrive is to paint first and ask questions later. Quick sketching and ideation live separately from the end result, they act as a gelatinous skeletal structure with room to wiggle and bend as I put together my final work, and the free-flow constructive nature of preliminary ideation always finds its way back into the process. I see every sketch, scribble, study, drawing, or painting as a stand alone piece, instead of a means to an end. Some of these piece are just more presentable than others. All of these pieces comprise a truly unique aesthetic.


In recent years I’ve grown fond of material threshold. How much ink can you juice into a marker nib before it overflows? And once it does, how can you utilize it without making
an incoherent mess? What’s the best way to control a low pressure spatter of aerosol and how can you utilize that control to your advantage? Can colored pencil underdrawings shine next to a refined acrylic element?


These inquiries are matched with experimentation which helps to build a repertoire of material equations and technical details. As my Creative Journey unravels I hope to continue these studies and share my findings through socially conscious gallery showcases and collaborative efforts that build up the creative strength of the community I am surrounded by. 

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